crafty x 2

August 21, 2011

Sometimes living with someone as creatively able as Steve is inspiring and sometimes I’m just plain jealous. So I try to prove that I can be crafty too.

Someone asked us if we could make her a fairy door ‘with a frog’. So here is my frog… Whadiy’all think? (I know she needs pupils)


oh, we made strawberry cupcakes. Cupcakes are not just crafty but yummy.

And a good way to distract kids although letting the girls eat three each was probably a mistake.



2 Responses to “crafty x 2”

  1. Lisa said

    I bet they didn’t really eat three cupcakes each – I bet they ate the icing off the top of three cupcakes.

  2. Actually they did. Because I’m a clever parent like that. Three strawberry cupcakes before dinner is always a good idea.

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