What a day

August 14, 2011

A mixed day with mixed emotions…A bit of craft, homesickness and utter delight all rolled into one. I’ve been dealing with not a small amount of homesickness and today was like a whirlwind of all things smushed into one.

We had the daughter of a friend of ours over for our first sleep-over and she was great. (It made me realise that a great way to improve my own parenting is to pretend my own kids aren’t my own.  And I mean that in a positive way.)

We went on a little adventure on the hunt for Graham crackers. An American staple and a must-have for proper cheesecake crusts and smores. The shop was out of stock but guaranteed that they would have more next weekend. Guess where I’m going next weekend.

I engaged in a little craft inspired by this book I have called: ‘Werken und Spielen aus the Krims-Krams-Kiste’. Loosely translated means: ‘Craft and games from the jumble box’. See attached home-made Orange Tea-light. The original design called for a mandarin but an Orange worked with charming results. (Just cut in half, scrape out all the Orange and cut a chimney plus decorative holes.)

Then the kids and I made some dough for Gritti-baenz. A Swiss traditional bread recipe which is usually shaped into little people. But you can make them in to all sorts of shapes.


And then oh joy of joy. It snowed.

Proper snow. It started out as sleet, slushy and then quite quickly it turned in to proper snow, big sticky flakes falling densely and quickly. This hasn’t happened in the 9 years I’ve been in Wellington so it’s highly unusual.

I cried because I was so happy and because of all the memories flooding back. Homesickness is a difficult thing to describe. It’s like you feel an abyss in your heart. It was real snow and it stuck around. Steve threw a snowball at me, grinning like a kid and he made the girls orange juice slushies.

We finished the night by me having one-on-one story time with Anabelle, reading a fantastic book about an adult bear and human who get their kids mixed up while picking blueberries and a chapter out of The Magic Faraway Tree.

What a great day.


One Response to “What a day”

  1. Wendy said

    OMG, love the crafty things that you did. And which shop is getting graham crackers?!? I’ve always missed those too, though found that crushed up digestive biscuits make a good substitute for pie crusts.

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