only because you kept me on hold for so long

July 29, 2011

Hi there
Please forward to the appropriate person.

I am a business customer of Orcon and while on hold I was clicking through the four website banner scenario options featured on your website.

It’s a cute idea in principle. However, I am disappointed with your ‘New Receptionist’ scenario. The scenario features a new receptionist (of course a woman) in a red dress entering the office.

The men all jump up to follow her as she walks through the office and leans against a desk. The women in the office react negatively to her, one woman slaps one of the men (for talking to the new receptionist I suppose?) and they then load her up with files and escort her out of the room before work before settling down again.

This is offensive for several reasons. It plays on age-old stereotypes that men are reduced to drooling puppy-dogs following an attractive woman around the office and that women will respond with jealously (and apparently violence) and turn on the newcomer. (Because of course, all women are in constant competition with one another).

How boring. Get an imagination and come up with something more interesting that doesn’t play on old-fashioned stereotypes which are offensive to both genders.




2 Responses to “only because you kept me on hold for so long”

  1. Wendy said

    AWE. SOME.
    Did you send it?

  2. Hell yeah. Still waiting for a response.

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