Good books

July 26, 2011

I started writing a post extolling all the bad things about Disney Princesses and I was half way through a spreadsheet (yes, I’m being serious) when I gave up and decided to tell you about a book I like and why.

The Big Alfie Out of Doors Storybook – I like that it says ‘out of doors’ first of all.

The stories are all about Alfie and his sister Annie Rose. They do things. They play. Outside. Without electronics. He has a pet rock. He loses it. He is sad. He finds it. He is happy.

He sleeps in a tent. He get’s scared. He notices things like when he is the only person awake. Or that exact moment when the sun goes under the horizon.

He acts like a kid. And his mum had short hair.

Loved it.

I like the pirate adventures and fantasy filled books, sure I do. But sometimes I just want a story about a kid, with a rock and an imagination.



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