All hail the V

July 22, 2011

So my old pal from high school posted a link on facebook to a article about an ad campaign called ‘All Hail the V’. (I’m sure you’ll find it if you google it, I’m not going to link)

It shows a hand which is suggestive of a talking vagina. The ‘vagina’ is talking to the audience and recommending two feminine hygiene products. A wash and a cleansing cloth.

The big discussion is whether the ads are racist or not. There are three ads featuring vaginas from different ethnic groups. Black, Latina and White. They are very stereotypical both in what they talk about and how they talk. Even with out the visual cues, if you just listened you would be able to tell which is which.  Are they offensive? I think so.

But for me the real issue is the point that people aren’t really talking about.

They are trying to sell a product which is completely unnecessary. It’s all about ‘love your vagina’ but in reality first we have to agree with them that the vagina is ‘dirty’ and it needs ‘cleaning’. The vagina is self-cleaning, all you ever need to put up there is water. (Exceptions exist for true medical conditions)

If we really did ‘love’ our vaginas’ we wouldn’t stick cleaning products up there.


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