ruddy surgeon

July 20, 2011

Ok, I’m not saying all surgeons or doctors are like this, but the dude who operated on me disappointed me at my 6-week check up last week.

He walked in and immediately said; ‘let’s look at your bottom’ and then as if it was an after thought, ‘how have things been’?

I was not impressed when three minutes (THREE MINUTES!!) later he was done and walked out.

Apparently I’m not healing as well as expected and his suggested treatment?

Come back in six weeks (SIX WEEKS!!!)

He didn’t even stick around long enough for me to point out that if all goes well, I’ll be all healed up in 6 weeks and the visit will be unnecessary and conversely, if I’m NOT all healed up, six weeks is a VERY LONG TIME to be dealing with ongoing problems and wait for his oh-so expert support.

There was no time to ask questions, raise my concerns, talk about pain control or other ongoing, erm… ‘issues’.

I felt pretty shit when I left. Tearful, like I wasn’t important.

And that is probably because to him, I wasn’t.


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