Forever Flowers

July 17, 2011

Latest craft project? Crepe-paper flowers that will last forever!

Saw this on Martha Stewart. The original post suggests making hair barrettes with them but I haven’t got that far yet.

Step 1 – I cut tear-shaped pieces of paper (3) and heart-shaped bits (12)

Step 2 – Then I wrapped the heart-shaped pieces around the tear-shaped ones until they roughly resemble a rose. (hint – you can roll the edges around pencils to make them curl)

Step 3 – I added smaller green bits for leaves

Step 4 – Using florist wire, I secured the rose and then attached it to a skewer.

Step 5 – I wrapped florist tape around the wire and skewer

They look great like this and I also made a snowdrop after seeing this photo.

I then got some resin from Bunnings. Specifically called Kleer Kast (liquid diamond embedding resin). Following the directions I mixed it in a tin can and slowly dipped the flowers in the resin

I stood them up in a cardboard box and let them dry over night. The resin in the tin reacted quickly and 20 minutes later I couldn’t use it. I had made another batch of flowers but they’ll have to wait for next time.

I’ll be applying a second coat but this is what they look like already.


2 Responses to “Forever Flowers”

  1. Barbara Tenner said

    I really am impressed! What has stimulated this interest in handicrafts?

  2. Why hello Mother. Everyone, meet mum. Mum, meet everyone. To answer your question, I think I’ve always enjoyed craft but didn’t get much of an opportunity to make stuff since school. Having kids is the perfect excuse. Plus there are so many great craft blogs out there. Plus, let’s face it, part of me is trying to prove that I can hold up my end of the creativity balance in this house 🙂

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