why am I blogging anyway?

July 12, 2011

I recently changed my blog subtitle from ‘Things I think about’ to ‘Things that move me’. That seems like a much more accurate description. It also gives me license to stick to the stuff which is probably more interesting to the reader, but perhaps a bit harder to write about. Stuff that moves me.

It can move me in different ways, happiness, sadness, anger, elation, fury (considering my feminist tendencies, there will probably be a lot of that).

but why blog?

Why should I consider my life as interesting? It may not be to most. But I personally think that every life is interesting.

I love reading blogs, reading about peoples thoughts, their lives. Even the mundane stuff is interesting to me. I love reading about stuff that’s completely different to my life, but I think I love reading about things that are similar to my life more.

There are times when it feels like the thoughts in my head are completely weird, completely off the charts of ‘normal’ and reading about other people and their similar experiences and thoughts just helps to locate me in the realms of a community. These thoughts are often the things we talk about the least. Our fears, our hope, desires…

So maybe this blog will be interesting to others. Maybe it will help locate their own weirdness when they see that others think and feel similar things.

ok, that was really serious… *shakes it off*. So as an antidote, here are some photos of the cupcakes I made with Kadie and Anabelle.



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