A trip to the hairdresser… a little bit like good sex?

May 28, 2011

While getting my hair cut, coloured and just generally getting a pampering I was watching people around me and starting thinking that a good trip to the hairdresser is a little bit like having good sex.

I think this for several reasons. Each reason on it’s own may not mean much but when you add them all up…. whoah nelly.

  1. You become the focus of one person (sometimes more!) who gives you their undivided attention for a significant period of time.
  2. It requires a minimum of 45 degree reclining, perhaps even with your eyes closed.
  3. It involves someone repeatedly running their fingers through your hair in a sometime gentle, caressing, sometime rough manner. It can even include a slow head rub if you’re lucky.
  4.  The physical proximity of the person working with your hair is quite close and even intimate.
  5. You may end up changing positions
  6. It can involve long, honest conversations.
  7. There are some boring bits.
  8. Sometimes you have to twist your neck into funny positions.
  9. For the most part you leave feeling pretty satisfied.

and now: how haircuts are NOT like sex and I’m going out on a limb here and will say this is true for MOST people.

  1. You might read during the act.
  2. You keep all your clothes on.
  3. You facebook or surf the net on your phone.
  4. It may involve harsh chemicals and always involves sharp implements.

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