Sugar glass experiments

May 15, 2011

I’ve been trying to think of hand-made items that I can make instead of buy cheap crappy stuff for children’s birthdays. I’ve dusted off my knitting needles and been trying to make candy.

Two weeks ago I made this: Sugar glass. Inspired by this blog

I was pretty pleased how it came out! To be fair this was my second batch. I cooked the first batch too quickly and it turned into a toxic black mess… The lesson learned? Boil slowly….

(PS – If you are going to try this at home, you might want to let your kid’s daycare know that you aren’t feeding them REAL broken glass to avoid awkward conversations)

I made the lollipops by pouring a small dollop on a sheet of backing paper and putting a skewer into it. The girls loved them, but I didn’t like the glucose taste and have started experimenting with other recipes that don’t require glucose/corn syrup.

So I made a batch with Golden Syrup and used some molds I picked up from Spotlight and The Cake Shop. (Warning: is highly addictive!)

They look gorgeous but they are really tacky. Even a dusting of icing sugar can’t save them. We’ll just have to gobble them quickly. I won’t use this recipe again and will try one last glucose-free recipe. I’ll need a candy thermometer first and they are surprisingly hard to find.


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